Soap dish Bamboo


  • 100% Bamboo & Bamboo Fibre.
  • ECO-FRIENDLY:  The soap dish is made of natural bamboo and bamboo fibre. 
  • QUICK DRY: Use this soap dish to keep your soap dry and fresh for every use. Made with raised wood slats, water will drain from the soap into the dish to keep your bathroom countertops clean and dry.
  • EASY CLEAN: Simply rinse your soap holder with water to clean excess soap build up. The bamboo grid pieces are designed to interlock with each other, staying in place without adhesives.
  • NATURAL MATERIAL: Made with bamboo fibres and corn starch, this soap tray contains no plastic whatsoever! 
  • LOW PROFILE: This hand soap saver lasts for a long time in your kitchen or bath with daily use. Simple and lightweight design that will compliment almost any kitchen or bathroom.
  • 12.5cm x 9cm

Black, White