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Just in from iconic Kiwi brand Moana Rd – the Nga Taringas 7.0 earbuds.

The stylish Nga Taringa 7.0 wireless earbuds will keep you free and easy as you power your way through work, life and leisure.

With cool tap technology that gives you control over your playlist and a touch sensitive case (that shows you exactly how much charge you have left), these little beauties keep you in control of what matters,

Docking station can charge earbuds 4 times per charge with power indicator lights on the docking station. Charge the case and go on your way.

The Moana Rd Nga Taringa 7.0  earbuds feature tap technology Рtouch either bud once to Play/Pause music or Answer/Hang up calls. Tap the left earbud twice to fast forward, or right earbud twice to skip to the next track.

With amazing sound and comfort, bionic touch, 5 hours playback and a built in microphone, these Moana Rd ear buds are a must have.

Technical Specs

Bluetooth version: 5.0

Working range: 10m

Speaker: 13mm

Built in touch sensitive surface

Built in lithium battery capacity: 40mmAh2

Power case capacity: 420mAh

Power case can charge earbuds 4 times

Play time : 5-6 hours per charge

Charging time : 2 hours

Charge port : Type-C