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If you’re looking for great travel ideas for taking your family around New Zealand then The Guide to Travelling in New Zealand with the Family is the perfect companion. When you are travelling with toddlers or teenagers, the better prepared you are, the more the children will enjoy the holiday and the more you will enjoy your time together. Filled with family-friendly activities and suggestions for all of the family, whether you are travelling to the far north or to Stewart Island, there is something in this book for everyone. This is a must have for any family planning to travel around New Zealand together. Inside this book you’ll find a plethora of suggestions for family-friendly, cheap and cost-free things to do while travelling the country. Targeting New Zealand families travelling around New Zealand, the book gives tips to parents embarking on road trips, camping trips, campervan holidays and flights to different parts of the country. Including suggestions for hassle-free transportation, where to find the local information centre, public toilets with changing facilities and much much more.